Volume 1 (2005)

Edited by Yin-Ling Christina Chen, Han-Chun Huang, Barry C.-Y. Yang




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鄭曉峯  客贛方言的古濁上字歸陰平 1-16
Chu, Man-Ni The Lexicalization Patterns of Verbs of Hitting in Taiwanese Southern Min 17-30
Hsieh, Chia-Ling Modal Verbs and Modal Adverbs in Chinese: An Investigation into the Semantic Source 31-58
Hsu, Jean C.-F., Ovid J.-L. Tzeng, and Daisy L. Hung The Linguistic Ability of Entailment Relation 59-118
Huang, Han-Chun  Lang as a Strong Kind Operator in Taiwanese 119-130
Lee, Huichi On DE in SHI...DE Construction 131-160
Li, Chao-Lin Frames of Spatial Reference in Paiwan 161-186
Liao, Wei-Wen  The Comparative Construction and the Wh-Movement 187-204
Liu, Chen-Sheng Luther Adjectival Predicates and the Aspectual Suffix –le in Chinese 205-228
Lin, Hui-Shan Prosodic Correspondence in Tone Sandhi 229-266
Lin, T.-H. Jonah Notes on the Determiner Ge and Related Problems 267-294
Lu, Anne Yu-An Order and Interaction of Prefixes in Mayrinax Atayal 295-310
Wang,Yu-Yun The Multiplicity of the V-qi-lai Construction 311-330


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