Volume 10 (2018)

Edited by Jih-ho Cha




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Samuel Yu-Hsiang Pan Positional faithfulness and vowel alternation patterns 1-21
T.-H. Jonah Lin Remarks on the Particle Suo in Mandarin Relatives 22-46
Jia-Chi Yu Decomposing Collectivity in Mandarin Chinese 47-73

Haiquan Huang

The Acquisition of English Past Tense by Mandarin-Speaking Children in Their First Years Post Migration to Australia

Margaret Lee Chui Yi

Assertion, Addressee’s Commitment and the Cantonese particle gam2

Izumi Ochiai

Ryuzo Torii’s Paran Seediq Glossary (1900): Annotation and observation


Yu-hsien Kuo

Control in Matu’uwal (Mayrinax) Atayal 144-164


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