Editor’s Note

We are glad to announce that the second issue of UST WORKING PAPERS IN LINGUISTICS (USTWPL) is published during the Christmas season this year. Since the publication of the first issue last year, we have received a lot of encouragement and blessings from colleagues and friends in the linguistic circle of the University System of Taiwan (UST). As we mentioned in the first issue, “The purpose of USTWPL is to promote interest and communication in linguistics and related fields among faculties, students, alumni, and visiting scholars of the University System of Taiwan”, the publication of the second issue of USTWPL is thus one step further toward this goal.

Some changes are made during this year. First, we have a new editor, Chun Edison Chang (NTHU) who is now in his second year of the Ph.D. program and has just won the graduate student award from the Language Training & Testing Center (LTTC). Next, we have a new freshman secretariat, Xin-Xian Yu (NTHU), our first-year Ph.D. student, who is now taking care of every non-trivial business in dealing with the printing and publishing stuffs. Also, we made some adjustment on the format of the papers in this issue so that the whole working paper looks nice and professional.

This year, we are grateful to the Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University for the crucial financial support. We thank all the anonymous referees for their time, effort, and most importantly their extensive comments on all the drafts submitted to USTWPL. Meanwhile, we should also thank all the contributors for their patience and commitment during the process of refereeing and editing. Finally, special and huge thanks should go to Prof. T.-H. Jonah Lin (NTHU) and Prof. Wei-Tian Dylan Tsai (Chair, NTHU) for their continuing enthusiasm and precious publishing expertise in providing us with much needed direction.

Chun Edison Chang
Barry C.-Y. Yang



Volume 2 (2006)



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Chao-ting Tim Chou On the Pivot-taking property of attitudinal adverb Daodi 1-12
Han-Chun Huang A Constructional Approach to Argument Realization of Chinese Resultatives 13-32
T.-H. Jonah Lin

On the Clausal Complement of the Mandarin Passive

謝健雄 (Jian-Shiung Shie) 漢語成語情感譬喻之概念模式與語言結構 43-66
Hui-Chin Tsai Additive Adverbs and Coordinators in Chinese: A Case Study of Ye ‘Also’, Erqie ‘And’ and He ‘And’ 67-96
Jiewu Wei Two Types of V-de Constructions in Mandarin Chinese 97-108
Chunming Wu Verb Serialization in Kanakanavu 109-140
Barry Chung-Yu Yang Syntactic Structure of Ka-Construction in Taiwanese Southern Min 141-171


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