Editor’s Note

With abundant encouragement and blessings from senior colleagues and friends, the fourth issue of UST WORKING PAPERS IN LINGUISTICS (USTWPL) is published by Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. As the one of successive steps, the publication of this issue keeps aiming for promoting interest and communication in linguistics among faculties, students, and scholars of the University System of Taiwan. Moreover, lots of contributions are donated in this issue beyond this system, and make USTWPL more “universal”. This is mainly attributed to SWEAL-2008, the Student Workshop on East Asian Linguistics held in July, by Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. Participants in SWEAL-2008 are all inspired and encouraged to fully and concretely realize their ideas in this issue. With annual SWEAL and USTWPL, the advancement of communication among scholars in linguistics could be fulfilled step by step.       

During this year, some changes are made. Our new editor, Chia-yin Hu (NTHU), who is now in her second year, devotes herself to the edition of this issue. And we have a new freshman secretariat, Kevin Y. W. Chiang (NTHU), who takes charge of printing and publishing stuff. Also, some tiny adjustments on the format of the papers in this issue are made for uniformity and consistency in edition. 

This year, we are grateful to the Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University for the financial support. We thank all the anonymous referees for their time, effort, and most importantly their extensive comments on all the drafts submitted to USTWPL. Meanwhile, we also thank all the contributors for their patience and commitment during the process of refereeing and editing. Finally, we also appreciate Prof. Yueh-Chin Chang (NTHU), Prof. Chin-Fa Lien (NTHU), Prof. T.-H. Jonah Lin (NTHU) and Prof. Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai (NTHU) for their enthusiasm and publishing expertise in providing us with much needed direction.

Xin-xian Rex Yu
Chia-yin Hu



Volume 4 (2008)



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蔡子鈞 (Zi-Jun Cai) 台灣媒體老人角色言談分析:布袋戲老人角色個案研究 1-16
Yung-hsiang Shawn Chang An Acoustic and Perceptual Study of Vowel Nasal in Taiwanese 17-26
趙靜雅 (Chingya Chao)


Huilin Fang and T.-H. Jonah Lin The Mandarin You Existential: A Verbal Analysis 43-56

Feng-fan Hsieh and Ching-ting


A Study of the Phonetics and Phonology of Neutral Tones in Urumqi Chinese 57-72
Cheng-Chieh Su VP Ellipsis Correlatives in Mandarin Chinese 73-98
Chihsia Tang Codeswitching in the Political Campaigning Discourse: The Case of the 2008 Presidential Election Debates in Taiwan 99-116
Cheng-Yu Edwin Tsai Wh-interrogatives in Saisiyat and Lexical Merger Parameter 117-132
Niina Ning Zhang Encoding Exhausitvity 133-143


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