Volume 9 (2017)

Edited by Kuan-ming Teng, Chia-chi Wang, Ying-an Chen




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Pei-Yi Katherine Hsiao Rhetorical Wh-Questions in Chinese and Feature Movement 1-19
Wei-Cherng Sam Jheng Adjacency in Burmese Reduplication: An Optimality Theoretical Analysis 20-51
Tsung-Hsien Peter Li The Pertinent Issues of Mandarin Imperative Subjects 52-84
T.-H. Jonah Lin Structure of Personal Proper Names in Taiwanese Mandarin 85-99
Seng-Hian Lau Spelling out Prefix Concord in Siraya 100-124
Chi-ming Louis Liu “Subjectless” Sentences and TP-ellipsis 125-155
David Ta-Chun Shen Hakka Verbal-Plus-V-Do Construction: A Reply to Tseng (2008) 156-165
Yu-ju Yang Language Contact on the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands: Assessing the Status of the Ogasawara Mixed Language 166-188
陳淑芬、陳力綺 現代漢語否定詞「不」和「沒」的句法、語意和言談/語用特點 及其教學應用 189-202


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