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Alumni: M.A.

張瓊予 Chiung-yu Chang
Neural responses to syllable gaps in Taiwanese Mandarin: an event-related potential study

江松 Song Jiang
A cross-dialectal articulatory study of Er-suffixed monophthongs in Beijing Mandarin and Northeastern Mandarin


羅家治 Chiachih Lo (currently Ph.D. student at the Department of Linguistics, University of British Columbia, Canada)
A Comparative Study of Closed-Syllable Vowel Laxing in Taiwanese Southern Min and Hailu Hakka

陳盈如 Ying-ju Chen
Temporal Organization of Consonant Clusters among Taiwanese Mandarin ESL Learners

Omah Canglah Talakop 陳昕怡
Hsin-yi Chen
阿美語強調語氣音段延長現象 (Emphatic lengthening in Siwkolan Amis)

Ying-an Chen
A Comparative Study of Monophthongs in Standard Chinese and Taiwanese Mandarin: Articulation and Acoustics

李冠陞 Guan-sheng Li
An EMA Study of Prenuclear Glides in Taiwanese Mandarin

Yi Ye
Contextual place neutralization of nasal codas in Taiwanese Mandarin: An EMA Study

Chia-chi Wang
An Airflow Study of Nasalization in Taiwanese Southern Min - With Special Reference to Weak Elements

洪妙育 Miao-yu Hung
An acoustic study of Japanese loanwords into Taiwanese Southern Min

王俞升 Yu-sheng Wang
從實驗的角度來檢視台灣華語與美式英語元音對應關係 (Mapping Vowels from American English to Taiwanese Mandarin: An experimental perspective)

陳以承 Yi-cheng Chen
Vowels and CV/VC coarticulatory patterns in Taiwanese Southern Min: An EMA study

歐愷云 Kai-yun Ou
台灣華語的鼻音及元音鼻化的氣流研究 (The Aerodynamics of Nasal and Nasalization in Taiwanese Mandarin)

顏佑慈 Yu-tzu Yen
The Acoustic Study of Vowels in Vietnamese

謝育倫 Yu-lun Hsieh
臺灣閩南語的鼻元音和鼻化元音的氣流及聲學研究 (Nasal and Nasalized Vowels in Taiwanese : An Aerodynamic and Acoustic Study)

彭尹鴻 Yin-hung Peng
An acoustic study of tones in Hsinchu Coastal Taiwanese Southern Min