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教師 Faculty
張月琴 教授 Yueh-chin (Céline) Chang
謝豐帆 副教授 Feng-fan Hsieh

Graduate students (in alphabetical order)

Chiung-yu Chang, graduating in Fall, 2019
Neural responses to accidental/systematic gaps in Taiwanese Mandarin

鄭佳芳 Chia-fang Cheng, 1st year M.A. student

黃婧 Jing Huang, 2nd year Ph.D. student

江松 Song Jiang,
graduating in Fall, 2019
An ultrasound and EMA study of Er-suffixation in Standard Chinese

李怡晴 Yi-ching Lee,
3rd year M.A. student

利心瑜 Hsin-yu Li,
2nd year M.A. student

劉政諺 Roger Cheng-yen Liu,
3rd year M.A. student

羅予㚬 Yu-chun Lo,
3rd year M.A. student

唐強驊 Chiang-hua Tang, 2nd year M.A. student

岳暘 Yang Yue, 1st year M.A. student

畢業成員 Former lab members
博士 Ph.D.
碩士 M.A.